Summertime In Mendocino

Mendocino is very north and much greener than the metropolitan Bay Area.  It is an enchantment of a place: mighty ancient redwood forests, long stretches of coastline, remote rivers and beaches, and an overall aura of mystery and mystique.

We camped with family and friends over the summer.  The weather was a comfortably enjoyable high 80-degrees all weekend.  We went fishing, hiking, and swimming and had nothing to worry for the entire time.  This is what nature is for me: an escape from social media and the internet, a mental getaway from all stressors, and a means to recharge and be entirely happy and carefree.

There is also an untouched aspect to Mendocino.  You will find disheveled and abandoned homes or farmlands, vintage cars, expansive overgrowth off the side of the road, and a feeling that there is no rush to clean up or catch up.  Nothing is off and everything is as it should be.  That is the Mendocino way, so go and visit some time.

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