Ilford HP5 With Leica M2

For a brief moment (one and a half weeks) last year I owned a Leica M2.  I traded a Contax G2 kit for the M2 and a Voigtlander 35mm f/2.5.  These photos were made with that Leica kit.  There was a light leak somewhere but because I didn’t get these photos back until after I traded it - the Leica M2 kit for a Leica M7 - I didn’t know about the light leak and the person I traded the gear with never brought it up.  

Looking back on these photos, I really wished I still had this setup.  It made really great photos, but I remember the viewfinder being a little dim, so it took me a little longer to compose each shot.  This might have been an advantage rather than a disadvantage, as most of the photos in this roll were pretty decent - though I decided to bracket nearly every image because I was using the Sunny 16 method and wanted to ensure I got at least one usable image.  Leicas - though outrageously and offensively expensive - are always a pleasure to use, but more than that, the Voigtlander line of M-mount lenses are just exceptional.  I highly recommend all the Skopars, Noktons, and whatever else iterations of lenses they make.

A Walk Around Town

The only thing keeping me sane through COVID is getting together with friends (responsibly, and always with masks) to explore and shoot photos.  It goes without saying that this past year has been exhausting, stressful, and overall maddening.  Bad luck piled atop shitty government leadership piled on top of really terrible people finally showing their true colours was basically a year that never let up.  How’s the saying go? I get by with a little help from my friends.

Lowriders & Other Vintage Cars

I am trying to get away from taking photos of vintage cars because I don’t know why I was photographing them to begin with, besides the fact that everyone I went shooting with would photograph them.  Despite the very cool look, which I know is appealing, I want to break out of that very safe comfort zone and try other subject matters.

But not gonna lie, vintage cars are pretty fun to shoot (peep Jason Corning’s very hilarious videos on how to be a famous #film #photographer).

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