On a sunny March day, a group of friends and I headed to Sonoma County to location hunt shooting spots.  One of them brought along their Noblex 06/150 - a medium format swing lens panoramic camera - and made some amazing photos with it.  After looking through the funky viewfinder, holding it (that’s my crux; don’t ever let me hold your cool cameras because I will have to buy it!), and then seeing the photos made with it, I was done for.  I immediately put out feelers on my instagram, offering to sell or trade gear to purchase one.  In 24 hours, a deal was done and Abel (@instantflamingo on IG) and I traded some gear - thank you!

Since then, I’ve shot two rolls with it and have been having a lot of fun using it.  It is the chonkiest boi I own (bigger than the Mamiya RB/RZ67!), and probably one of the most unique looking cameras.  If you need specs, support Ken Rockwell’s growing family by checking out his review of the camera, or check out Nick Carver’s YouTube video about it.

Please click on the images; the crop from the blog’s layout does not do the panorama justice!

The lens is a 50mm, which is wide and very nice.  However, because these cameras are hyper-focal at infinity, the focal distance is a bit tricky to nail wide open, which is at f/4.5 (check out the third image where we try to get a group selfie); on top of that, composing on such a wide lens is tricky.  The second image of the cows will attest to this.  I can only hope that with more time spent with the camera and more practice, I’ll be able to fine tune the composition.

So, why this camera? It’s super niche, it only exposes 6 frames per roll of 120 film, and it’s huge.  Simply, and maybe , my plan is to bring it with me when camping - and if adventurous enough, maybe when backpacking - so I can get some panoramic landscape shots.  

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