Admittedly, I used to go on a lot of neighborhood walks.  They used to be more frequent because I wanted to try new cameras or new stocks, or maybe it was because I was still excited about photography.  The ebbs and flows of sitting really high atop the crest of loving film and photography versus falling down to the trough of not caring about your work or being completely uninspired is a very real, very constant struggle.   Currently, I am sitting at the bottom, but I know I’ll eventually make my way out and back up.

It’s always nice to feel unencumbered by a reason for making photos.  These were just very boring photos that didn’t fall into any of the motifs of what I was sharing on social media, but they were also images I didn’t not hate; they just didn’t hold significant space but I think they’re decent enough to warrant a blog post.  At any rate, these were shot on 35mm and I think I am finally over this format.  I have a Leica M4-2 bargain-quality that I am going to be trying to sell, then eventually and slowly parsing out with the point and shoots.  If you’re interested in anything, let me know.

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