If you haven’t already guessed by now, extremely expired Kodak Tri-X Pan is my favourite black and white film stock.  Gordon (@bokchoyboy on IG) gave me my first pro-pack of this stock, I think almost as a joke because it expired in the 1970’s and he found it under a pile of magazines. Since then, he’s given me another two pro-packs of it, and 25 sheets in 4x5.  Honestly, I think he thinks it’ll be completely bunk and yield no results.  Jokes on him, I get back the thinnest negatives, but mostly, the results are pretty great (except sometimes, there’s film degradation that is very obvious and can’t be fixed - see the three images below for example; some weird ass Disclosure looking face filter scratches on the film).

Tri-X Pan is a 320 speed film, but I usually rate it between 80 and 100 ISO.  These photos were shot on a combination of the Pentax 67ii with the 105mm f/2.4 and Chamonix 45-N2 with a 90mm lens.  This is the first roll from a new pack from Gordon, so I’ll have to see if the scratches are persistent throughout all the rolls, though I’m worried it could be a lab issue.

Shout out again to Gordon for the film.  I haven’t shot any of the 4x5 yet, but I’ve at least loaded some holders with them so I have every intention to shoot it in large format.  Stay tuned for those results *fingers crossed*.

Moving forward with this blog, I plan on using it mostly as an actual stream-of-consciousness blog, a documentation of everyday life and what’s going on behind the scenes when I’m not shooting portraits, and sometimes, I’ll talk about gear/film stocks/film processing, etc.  Hope you all stay tuned, follow along, and reach out to talk shop or just say hi.  Happy shooting.

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