Ilford HP5 With Leica M2

For a brief moment (one and a half weeks) last year I owned a Leica M2.  I traded a Contax G2 kit for the M2 and a Voigtlander 35mm f/2.5.  These photos were made with that Leica kit.  There was a light leak somewhere but because I didn’t get these photos back until after I traded it - the Leica M2 kit for a Leica M7 - I didn’t know about the light leak and the person I traded the gear with never brought it up.  

Looking back on these photos, I really wished I still had this setup.  It made really great photos, but I remember the viewfinder being a little dim, so it took me a little longer to compose each shot.  This might have been an advantage rather than a disadvantage, as most of the photos in this roll were pretty decent - though I decided to bracket nearly every image because I was using the Sunny 16 method and wanted to ensure I got at least one usable image.  Leicas - though outrageously and offensively expensive - are always a pleasure to use, but more than that, the Voigtlander line of M-mount lenses are just exceptional.  I highly recommend all the Skopars, Noktons, and whatever else iterations of lenses they make.

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