My partner and I had discussions of getting a dog, but we weren’t ever serious about it: we just bought and moved into our second home, still had tons of boxes we had yet to unpack, and planned on dedicating our time/energy/money to a lot of house projects.  We could not have a dog.  That, and we also weren’t agreeing on what type of breed.  So the idea fell to the wayside, though it was reinvigorated every other week when one of us would send the other a Petfinder listing; other than that, we weren’t too serious.

Until Jack. This beautiful goober was listed on Petfinder for a week before I stumbled upon the ad.  I immediately sent the listing to Ven and surprisingly, she liked him too. We applied, stalked Angel’s Furry Friends’ website and instagram, waited and dreaded that he had already been adopted, and then finally heard back! We got to meet him for an “interview”, where he impressed us with his playfulness and good manners, and from there things happened pretty quickly (like, literally 24 hours later he was re-homed with us).  We became dog parents over night!

It’s been nearly two weeks and we’ve learned so much about him: he LOVES tennis balls so much that he’ll completely destroy one a day if given the chance (he’s been given two), he (or maybe they) pees like a female dog and it’s adorable, his breath does not smell and we’re so grateful, he’s 2 years old and weighed 80 pounds, but after living with us for two weeks and going on three walks a day, he’s definitely lost weight, and lastly, he likes holding paws/hands.  He’s melted our hearts and made us so much happier. We can’t wait to get him some more behavioral training so we can introduce him to friends and family.


I sold off a handful of boxes of Fujifilm Astia 100F Quickloads (pre-loaded 4x5 sheet film in disposable envelope) because I thought Astia was trash.  I kept getting really terrible colour shifts (all magenta actually), so didn’t think it was worthwhile.  Assuming all my Astia would come out that way, I got rid of them…only to find two sheets left over.  I shot the two, and needless to say, I really love the colours and hate myself.  Woe is me.


With tired eyes and dry mouths we climb.  Our limbs are cold and we need to get the blood back in them; we climb.  We climb and climb still until we don’t.  The sun will be up soon - magic words whispered into the colourless morning of dawn.  In an instant, it has arrived.  The sun, draping the west coast of the northern hemisphere in soft tones and warmth.  In a succession of exasperated sighs and furtive blinks golden hour morphed into blue hour until finally, all colours were shed and we were left blinded and in awe, staring straight into the sun.

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